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Friday, November 19, 2010

Writing "Foods" and Secret Ingredients

Sometimes foods (or drinks) can be an excellent catalyst for the creative writing juices.  Either way, a secret ingredient always comes in handy.   When I want to knuckle down and get some work done, I have a whole little ritual to help me get that done in style! 
My first step is to steep a hot cup of herbal fruit tea, adding a generous spoonful of honey from our bees.  Chocolate or a small amount of some other comfort food is good, too.  After my tea is ready, I get a notebook and pencil and settle into my favorite chair.  My tea is sitting on the end table next to me, and my pencil is poised for action. 
The secret ingredient is still missing, however.  I really need a kid!  My children are my secret ingredient!  At least, it's more fun with them in the process and they feel special, too. 
If I'm writing a book of adventure and knights, I want the expertise of my 7 year old boy.  But, let's say that sparkly, whimsical feeling is in the air, my little girl is just the ticket. She helped me create the soon-to-be-published "Fairy Bunny" series.  Thankfully, I have one more ace-in-the-hole. My oldest son always has a fresh idea when I'm stuck half-way through a story.  He can "see" where a story is headed and can jumpstart that process for me. 
At first, my children were an obstacle to my writing aspirations.  Now, I wouldn't want to take that journey without them.