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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Creative People In My Life

Today, I met with my good friend, Jeanne Young.  She is also the illustrator of one of my children's books--part of a series called The Fairy Bunnies.  My five year old daughter and I created the concept for these book together.  Dressed in a pink tutu, she sat daintily in my lap, one day, telling me her fantastical dream of little girls, a jolly moon, and bunny friends eating carrots in the garden. Her enthusiasm had me hooked! I grabbed a paper and pencil and madly scribbled out her words!
Now, here we are 6 months later,  After a round of fresh sushi and some rejuvenating conversation, my friend pulls out her full-page sketches of little girls, jolly moons, and bunnies eating carrots in the garden.  I am awestruck at her skill to transform my simple words written in black and white!  I am challenged by the creativity of those around me.

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