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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A New Group In Town

What if a clandestine group of talented, original artists had been meeting, secretly swapping inspiration, laughs, and great coffee without letting the rest of us in on it?  Wouldn’t you be curious—just a little—to know what they ‘ve been up to?  I would. 
Thankfully, these amazing woman have come to their senses!  Up-beat, creative, and hard-working, “The Painted Ladies” are coming to Pandemonium Booksellers of Wasilla on January 8th! 
Attendees can expect a diverse and passionate display of visual art from each of the 7 ladies that make up the group.  (For more information, be sure to visit “The Painted Ladies” on Facebook.)
Although successful in their own right, the members of “The Painted Ladies,” came into existence “to support & benefit each other in artistic excellence.  Rumor has it that their collective energies will soon be a published reality.  Plan on picking up your copy of “The Painted Ladies” traveling sketchbook, scheduled to debut Summer 2011. 
While Pandemonium is the group’s first art show, these woman have been at it for awhile.  Check out each member’s up-coming show schedule, as well as, their specific fine art websites:
Nancy Angelini Crawford  (
Kristy Williams Tracy   (
Jeanne Young   (
Showing through December: “Visual Poetry,” located at The Snow City CafĂ© on 4th & L in Anchorage. 
Kimberly Bustillos   (
Up-coming show:  Taste Of Artistry,” located in the Hot Hot Chocolate Shoppe, inside the downtown Palmer Plaza, at 2:00pm Saturday, December 11th.

Marie Green  (
Represented by:  Wide Bay Gallery, Queensland, Australia.

Talya Johnson  (
Showing through December: “Small Wonders,” at Artic Rose Gallery on 420 L Street in Anchorage.
Offering up-coming classes at Pandemonium Booksellers in Wasilla.

Karen Whitworth  (
Represented by: Artic Rose Gallery located at 420 L Street in Anchorage.

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